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Community Service Committee 2022

The Community Service Committee, chaired by Becky Recor and Dot Purinton, was very busy during 2022. We held monthly meetings, trying to reach major decisions by consensus, to achieve our goals of building a sense of community in Round Pond and supporting the individuals in it.​


We held four fundraising events (a Valentine’s Sweet Sale, a Savory Sale, a Soup Sale, and a Thanksgiving Pie Sale) that not only raised money but raised our visibility as a group serving Round Pond. We worked to bring the community together with a free ice cream social, the soup and storytelling event, posting positive messages on the Meetinghouse sign, scheduling Jenny Pendleton in to talk about the Caring for Kids program and Edie Vaughan to talk about FISH, and providing holiday wreaths throughout the village. At the end of the year we donated over $3000 to groups and individuals who support our community, prioritizing food insecurity, energy relief, organizations that serve Round Pond, and support workers in the village.


We responded to needs in the community on an individualized basis. Newcomers were greeted personally with plants and introductions to others in the village. Those ill, injured, or with bad news in the family received cards, visits, meals, medical equipment, and offers to run errands as needed. Goods left after food sales were shared with residents of Round Pond Green and individuals who could use a boost. We tried to honor those with good news too. Homemade cookies were provided for a celebration to which the whole village was invited.​To accomplish these activities and to make Helping Hands more visible, we formed a Correspondence (sub) Committee and started a monthly column in the Lincoln County News. We created a logo and used it there and on a new banner for the Meeti nghouse, notecards, and labels. We have a new sandwich board sign to advertise CSC activities.

We are working on more projects: a reference guide for available services, more activities for children and men, reaching out to more members of Round Pond, establishing a dedicated phone line, posting flyers about HH and the services it offers, and holding community meals in the spirit of the old bean suppers once it is safe to do so. We are still working out the logistics for other activities such as a Volunteer Work Day, a scavenger hunt, and a Pit Master Challenge. We would like to find a Helping Hands Historian to record what is being accomplished by this committee and others in Helping Hands.


None of this would be possible without the great ideas, varied talents, and hard work of the many members of the Community Service Committee and those on the baking lists. Thank you all!

Looking ahead 

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